Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Stroke of Art, Boothbay Harbor, ME

This past week I had the pleasure of participating in this wonderful event.  It was so nice to catch up with some artists I had met earlier this year at the Wet Paint Tamworth, as well as, meeting some new artists.  We all have our own styles and techniques and it is great to see what everyone captures!  In six day's I completed a total of fourteen paintings!  We painted almost non-stop from the time our feet hit the ground in Boothbay!  The scenery was amazing but I think I had the most fun painting the Vintage Campers at the Vintage Market.  It was wonderful seeing them all restored and they each had their own theme too.  It bought back so many wonderful memories of the old Shasta we had when I was growing up.  I received a first place in peoples choice on "Marshmallow Fluff" a painting of a pink Shasta.  I also received third place over all for "Vintage Blue" another vintage camper painting.  The crew that organizes this event is a great group of people and they do a wonderful job!  I can not thank them all enough for everything they did for us artists!  Also, I had a great time with my parents.  I am so glad they were able to join me for the week and I think my dog, Oscar, was very glad too!  Here are a few pics from the event.  I will be posting more images of my paintings soon!
Vintage Camper Paintings! :)

painting across the bay first day!

Mom and Dad got to visit the train museum across from the campground!
Sounds like they have a great exhibit and model of the the town of Boothbay!
Oscar enjoying the wharf :)

First 3 paintings!

Painting at Ocean Point just before the rain came!

At the Quick Draw event during the farmers market

Our campsite... After the first night we stayed dry!

Painting at the campground.  I enjoyed watching the egrets here!

Painting with Rollande, a wonderful artist and friend! :) 
On the last day of the event I was very grateful to get a picture with these
wonderful ladies!  Marsha, Mary, and Lori!  Thank you for everything! :)