Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How I made my wall easel for Susie

I have had some questions about how I made my wall easel for my camper/mobile art studio.   Here is my description  with some photos! 

First I determined how long I wanted it to be. Mine is 34 inches.   Then I found some nice hard wood.  I used reclaimed mahogany .  Then I used another scrap piece of pine as my spacer and glued it to the back of the mahogany. This is the mast.
 After that I figured out how many cross pieces I wanted. I decided on four.  I had some scrap pieces of mahogany from framing.  I used 11 inch pieces for my cross sections. I then found the center of them and measured out from there for the width of the easel frame.
I then positioned my pieces  that will form the bracket that will allow the cross pieces to slide up and down the easel mast.  I made sure to leave a little wiggle room here so it can slide easily.  These also happened to be scrap framing stock that had the right depth rabbet to fit around the mast.
Once in place I drill to bolt each bracket to the cross piece. Then glue and bolt it together.
Next I drilled through the center of the cross piece for the thumb screw.  On the back side I counter sunk for a nut to be pressed into place for the finger screw to tighten into. 

Once you test it to make sure it fits and works properly the cross piece is finished.  Just repeat this for the rest of the cross pieces.  The cross pieces that are in the center should have a rabbet on top and bottom.  

 Once it is finished all that is left is to mount it!  I mounted mine to the closet door in my mobile art studio with bolts through the top and bottom.
 Then start using it!😉

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Popup Show During Walkabout Wednesday!

Tonight during the Walkabout Wednesday in Plymouth NH I will be displaying artwork at Peppercorn.  Along with some paintings there will be signed copies of my children stories and hand painted signs!  There is always a lot to see during these events!  Be sure to make your rounds tonight from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  For more information follow the link below!

Friday, November 10, 2017

New Children Story! "Oscar Goes To The Ocean!"

About The Story
“Oscar Goes to the Ocean!”, Is a story that was inspired by the author’s rescue dog, Oscar.  He loves to go to the ocean and explore.  This story supports creativity, strengthens imagination, and encourages exploration! It is followed by two fun activity pages! 

Visit my Lulu author page at  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/hike307ataoldotcom  To purchase your copy today!

Open Studio!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Show Updates!

This show season has been phenomenal!  I was blessed greatly at each event in many different ways.  I always enjoy attending the Plein air painting event at VINS in VT.  It doubles as a girls week camping with my mom and the Quechee area is beautiful.  Not to mention the birds at VINS!  I received 3rd place in the quick paint and had a blast painting.  The following Saturday I attended the Plymouth Fall Art Show.  It is always like an old home day getting to see and catch up with many familiar faces and friends!  I also received a Best in show for one of my mixed media pieces!  Here are a few pictures to review these events!
First Painting at VINS! "October Gold"

"Red Tailed Hawk"  3rd place in Quick draw!

Enjoying camp!

Capturing the background for "My Watch"

A little river view!

Four of the paintings I completed during VINS event!

Camp Pizza! Yum!

Last day in VT... Enjoyed this great dog walk!

Some very special visitors at the Plymouth Show! :D

"Live Free or Die" Best in show  Plymouth fall art show