Thursday, July 20, 2017

Plein Air Adventures, Jericho VT

This past weekend was a wonderful combination of plein air painting and camping.  We enjoyed camping at Smugglers Notch State Park, even in the rain!  The Jericho Plein Air Festival was a blast to be apart of and I enjoyed meeting the other artists!  What a beautiful place!  Here are some pictures from our adventure. Enjoy!
Setting up camp in the rain...
Cooking hot dogs in the rain but the tarps kept us dry!

Enjoying some marshmallows!

Mom, Dad, and Oscar found me!  I was set up painting beyond a washout along the river.

Painting the waterfalls up stream! I was the first one out that far on the trail Saturday.  I got to see a blue heron take off, a small hawk soaring over head and a family of ducks rushing away when they heard me coming!   This never gets old!

Another great spot to paint! More like a perch over the river!

The river had so many possible paint sites... It was hard to choose!

Smugglers Notch... We drove through not once but 5 times in rain, fog, and sunshine!

A couple of my paintings from the day.  Mt. Mansfield's chin came out of the clouds for a few minutes so I was able to capture it!

Cooking dinner. Fliggster Burger's!

One more painting of the day from the campground!

We also celebrated Oscars 4th birthday!

Oscar enjoying his Birthday Bone! 

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