Monday, July 24, 2017

Going Wild En Plein Air!

I recently spent a couple of nights in the Wild River Wilderness in the White Mountains of NH with a wonderful group.  The weather was on the hot side so we spent most of our time in the shade or near the brook.  
My dog enjoyed swimming and he led the way most of the time.
The scenery was incredible as we we made our way into the wilderness.
Soon we made it to the Blue Brook Tent Site and set up camp.  It was a beautiful spot next to the brook.  We enjoyed a campfire while we had dinner.

After dinner it was time to paint!
The next day we enjoyed exploring the Basin Rim and soaking in the views.  We were able to see a Blackburnian warbler hopping around in some fir branches while we were relaxing in the shade.
While along the rim I took the time to paint again!

After exploring around a little bit more we returned to camp for our last night in the wilderness.  We ventured down to some cascades near the tent site and had another campfire.  We all had a lovely time and it was bitter sweet to pack up and leave in the morning.

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