Sunday, October 4, 2015

En Plein Air Festival at VINS Update!

It was a wonderful week this week at VINS!  It was a great opportunity to be up close to these amazing birds!  I received 3rd place for peoples choice.  VINS organized a wonderful event and I am looking forward to next year.  They have extended the show of work created during the week through the upcoming weekend.  Thank you to everyone at VINS for organizing this event and treating us artists so well!  Here are some pics from the event!

"American Kestrel" Watercolor on Aquaboard

Some of the Plein air paintings I worked on this week all framed for the show!
Left to right: "Quechee"oils, "Perugrin Falcon" oils, "Quechee River" watercolors. "Great Gray Owl" Ink & Watercolor

Working on my first painting of the week!
"Quechee"  en plein air oils.
Painting #2 of the week!
"Great Grey Owl" Ink & watercolors, "American Kestrel" Watercolor
Plein Air Paintings that I did during the Quick Paint time (a timed painting competition).

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